What We Do?

In a context of ever changing valuations world and fast growing market, African fine art valuation is done wrong. A lost of value to owner.

A large volume of works of African art – even those dating back to the beginning of the 20th century – appeared for the first time on the open market in the last ten years, and more importantly in the last five years. The risk of undervaluation is certain because of the lack of knowledge for these works.

Here’s the solution:

Our expert team with with unparalleled knowledge in fine art and solid global market experience deliver a(bespoke) valuation certificate within 48 hours or less, acknowledged by major art industry players.

In addition to their own tools we offer our experts these key tools:

  • The most comprehensive & accurate database specialized on modern & contemporary African art market & its diaspora. Continuously enriched by multiple sources.

  • A unique documentation center spanning the 20th century to the present day. From African classical arts to contemporary art era. 2000+ volumes including rare documents, books, exhibition catalogues, auction catalogues, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers.Ever rigorously enriches set reflects coherent way the evolution of the African creation and its perception.

How it Works?

You add the photos

You make the payment

Expert delivers your valuation certificate





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The fees are used for extensively promoting our services, to fund art economy training programs in Africa for creating jobs on the spot,among others.